Where Is Stafford County, Virginia?



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Stafford County - one of Virginia’s fastest growing counties, 25 miles from Washington, DC. 

Stafford offers:

     - A pro-business environment

     - Diverse recreational attractions

     - Home to national and international companies:

            Geico          Intuit           SAIC

            General Dynamics      ManTech      

             Hilldrup             Greencore            

See the list of our largest employers.

     - Among the fastest-growing independent counties in Virginia

     - # 1 in job creation (per capita 2009 - 20014)

Stafford's governing authority is a seven-member Board of Supervisors and is adminstered by a County Administrator.  


Stafford's location is ideal!  We are situated just 25 miles south of the Washington, DC Beltway and 50 miles north of Richmond.

The County offers a pro-business climate, with quality of life amenities like beautiful parks, award-winning law enforcement, championship golf courses, and nationally ranked schools.  

Additional offerings include:

     - Diverse and highly educated labor pool,

     - Excellent school systems

     - Low Tax rates

     - Competitve Housing Opportunities

The appealing quality of life is attractive to both professional employees and business executives. 


View a 2 minute history of Stafford.


We welcome you and your business to grow and prosper in Stafford, Virginia!