Where Is Stafford County, Virginia?



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Stafford is one of Virginia’s fastest growing counties, just 25 miles from Washington, DC.  Stafford offers a business-friendly environment, diverse recreational attractions, and is home to some of the nation’s leading companies.

As one of the fastest-growing independent counties in Virginia, Stafford operates under a County Administrator form of government, providing a full range of services including education and public safety.  A seven-member Board of Supervisors serves staggered four-year terms, and Board members annually appoint a Chairman and Vice-Chairman.


Stafford County, Virginia has the essentials necessary for smart business growth and long-term prosperity.  Situated just 25 miles south of the Washington, DC Beltway and 50 miles north of Richmond, Stafford’s location is ideal.  The County offers a simplified approach to doing business, along with amenities like beautiful parks, award-winning law enforcement, championship golf courses, and nationally ranked schools.  The rapid growth of high technology companies, combined with a low-cost way of doing business, has created a hotbed of local professional opportunities.

These attributes, along with a diverse and highly educated labor pool, make Stafford an obvious choice for helping to ensure successful businesses.  Stafford County’s schools, tax rates, roadways and housing opportunities provide a desirable place for the local workforce. The appealing quality of life allows businesses to attract and retain some of the best professional employees in the world. 

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We welcome you and your business to grow and prosper in Stafford, Virginia!