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Woman works at B&F CeramicsStafford is a competitive and business-friendly community with simple processes for opening and operating a business.  In fact, with no requirement for obtaining a business license or paying the traditional business license tax (BPOL), getting started here couldn’t be easier.  Whether large or small, franchise or entrepreneur, international or domestic, companies located in Stafford have access to knowledgeable County staff and a wide variety of helpful public resources.  

If you are starting, expanding, or relocating your business, the Economic Development Department is here to serve you during the process.  The Stafford Economic Development Department is the first office you should contact for detailed information regarding the business start-up process.  Reach the office via phone at (540) 658-8681, or email at

Quick Links

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Starting, Reloacting, or Expanding a Business

Find information about the local business start-up requirements, along with links to helpful regional and state resources that offer guidance for the rest of the process.

When choosing an appropriate community for company relocation, there are many factors to consider.  Questions about potential workforce, quality of life, local incentives, and available infrastructure may only be a few of the many things you need to know.  For assistance in gathering this information and more, follow the link above.

Expansion can be tied to a need for more space, additional capital investment in property, building or equipment, growth in employment numbers, or any combination of the three.  If you anticipate or are in the process of such a transition, please contact the Economic Development staff and allow us to guide you through the public sector aspects of your local growth.  Economic Development can also facilitate workforce development and training assistance.

Financial Assistance

Stafford County offers a competitive and affordable environment for doing business.  No business, professional, and occupational license (BPOL) tax and a free business registration process make Stafford a desirable location for any company operation. The Stafford County Economic Development Authority also offers local E-Commerce Grants and an Industrial Revenue Bond program for qualifying companies. To discuss your needs and the available options in greater detail, please contact the Economic Development Office directly.

Resources & Useful Links

Links to webpages from the local to federal level provide a central location for information and research important for business operations.  Follow the link to connect to US census data, business development tools, community profiles, employment resources…the list goes on!

“I chose to relocate to Stafford County in 1987 because of its proximity to Washington and Richmond and the opportunities it held to start and grow a business.  I opened Stafford Printing, bought a home in Falmouth and, 25 years later, I’ve never regretted either decision. Stafford County is a wonderful place to live and the business climate is second to none in the region. But it’s the people who make Stafford County the place to live and work in the area. Stafford County is more of a community than just a place on the map.“

Howard Owen, President
Stafford Printing