Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) – Stafford County Virginia Economic Development

Business Retention & Expansion (BRE)

The Stafford Department of Economic Development has an established business retention and development strategy that supports the growth and success of companies throughout the County.  Our goal is to connect existing businesses with the information, resources, and programs to improve the overall business climate.

Stafford can help you establish and grow your business:

  • Provide a single point of contact
  • Facilitate your project’s development review and the permit process
  • Advocate within County government and assist companies through the necessary regulatory requirements and approvals
  • Identify “who’s who” in local government departments.

For assistance with workforce development, business expansions, exports to foreign markets, development financing or gap funding, schedule an on-site visit.  (540) 658-8681 or email at [email protected].

“I chose to relocate to Stafford County in 1987 because of its proximity to Washington and Richmond and the opportunities it held to start and grow a business.  I opened Stafford Printing, bought a home in Falmouth and, 25 years later, I’ve never regretted either decision. Stafford County is a wonderful place to live and the business climate is second to none in the region. But it’s the people who make Stafford County the place to live and work in the area. Stafford County is more of a community than just a place on the map.“

Howard Owen, President
Stafford Printing