George Washington Boyhood HomeStafford, Virginia is George Washington’s Boyhood Home, and has been a crossroads for many important events and travelers in history.  Our interesting past dates back to the largest of dinosaurs, various Native American tribes, 17th century European settlers, and it even had a critical role in the “Trail to Freedom” for many African American slaves during the 19th century.

Dozens of historic buildings and sites can be found around Stafford County.  One of the most concentrated areas is the Historic Port of Falmouth – a National Historic District.  This sister city of Fredericksburg, established in 1728, is survived by approximately 24 original 18th century historic buildings, many of which are now private residences.  Just down river from Falmouth is Ferry Farm, George Washington’s Boyhood Home, and the source of the cherry tree legend.  If you’re in the area, be sure to visit Ferry Farm and examine the many artifacts on display from a recent archaeological dig.

There are many fascinating and little-known layers to Stafford’s past.  In conjunction and cooperation with many local and regional partners like the Stafford Historical Society and the Central Rappahannock Heritage Society, our rich history can provide days and weeks of learning and fun.

For more information on Stafford history and tourism offerings, visit TourStaffordVA.com.