Public Safety

Public safety remains a high priority in Stafford County.  As with other full-service communities, police protection, fire, and emergency services are funded and provided locally through Stafford County property taxes.

Law enforcement and community safety are delivered through the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office, along with emergency communications services through the 9-1-1 System. Stafford County Fire & Rescue delivers fire protection, rescue, and life safety services through both professional and volunteer personnel.

Sheriff’s Office

Stafford is fortunate to maintain a very low rate of crimes against persons and property – just 5.34 crimes per 100 residents during 2014.  The Sheriff’s Office is located in the Stafford Public Safety Center and includes 244 employees.

The Office carries out crime prevention, community policing and criminal investigations.  In addition, the Sheriff’s Office delivers and coordinates Homeland Security at the local level, administers civil process and other court-related services. The Department oversees several key crime awareness programs including Business Watch and others focused on business safety and security.

Detailed information about the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office is available in the Sheriff’s Office 2014 Annual Report.  Recent crime statistics can be found in the Report Builder.

Fire & Rescue

Stafford County Fire and Rescue is an all-hazards response agency.  The combination career-volunteer department provides emergency response and mitigation to all fire, rescue, emergency medical and environmental hazard (Haz-Mat) incidents. The Department is the lead agency for emergency management and oversees Explosive Ordinance Disposal, building plan review and fire code enforcement, fire and environmental crime investigation, and public fire and life safety education and preparedness.

The Department is headquartered at the Stafford Public Safety Center and serves the County with an integrated workforce of 350 career and volunteer personnel, operating from 15 fire and rescue stations in partnership with 14 volunteer rescue or fire/rescue companies.

Additional information on Stafford’s fire and emergency services and programs can be found on the Fire & Rescue website at: