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Dear Data Center Professionals, 

During every data center search the best outcomes occur when you start with trusted partners. The Stafford County Department of Economic Development and Board of Supervisors are working hard to build a proactive, forward thinking, and comprehensive approach to business development, especially in relation to data center attraction. As the world continues the journey into the information age, the technology and development of data centers will be of increasing demand. Stafford recognizes that trend and is prepared to be a major part of the process. From tax rates to power rates, from water capacity to water purity, from fiber availability to fiber diversity, Stafford has what you are looking for in your next location. We know the massive amount of money and effort that goes into a data center and the potential benefit to the community. Stafford is prepared to work with you, one on one, to make your search prompt, efficient, and profitable.

Many communities of Northern Virginia have been a popular choice for data center location. Stafford, Virginia’s Interstate 95 location in the southern portion of the region provides a safer, less congested, and less costly alternative to conducting the same caliber of business. Power, fiber and water are abundant and affordable.

To begin in earnest a data center attraction effort, during 2012, Stafford engaged the services of Michael MacNeilly, data center attraction consultant. As the principal of MacNeilly Business Advisors, Mr. MacNeilly utilized years of industry expertise and an extensive insider network to quantify the county’s data center attributes. As a former employee of the Governor’s Virginia Economic Development Partnership MacNeilly specialized in data center attraction and secured hundreds of millions of dollars in investment for the Commonwealth. MacNeilly easily matched the needs of data center end users to Stafford sites ideal for data center development.

As a result of the attraction effort, today, Stafford boasts seven properties for attraction. Ranging from eight to more than 100 acres, these sites were tested for power, fiber, water, and sewer capacities and highly suitable for high technology development. By employing a comprehensive review of data center site requirements, the county can confidently ensure that each property is dry, relatively flat, outside of flood plains, and is accessible to needed infrastructure. Stafford County has no significant history of earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes.

Stafford has an existing pool of well-educated workers as well as numerous schools, colleges, and universities to provide the necessary workforce to staff and operate your center. There are also programs from the state to assist in finding, hiring, and training workers with the specific skills needed for your world class data center, and in some cases alleviating development costs.

Get started today with your search. Call the Stafford County Economic Development Department at 540-658-8681 for a warm, welcoming, and professional review of your needs. Office staff look forward to taking your search to the next epicenter of data centers on the East Coast – Stafford, Virginia.

With warm regards, 

Timothy J. Baroody, Deputy County Administrator