Falmouth Village


The Village of Falmouth stands at a decision-making crossroad.  Poised at the busy intersection of two major US highways, the impacts of highway upgrades upon the character and environment of this fragile historic place will need to be considered and understood. Sixty years ago, the village was split into two geographically isolated neighborhoods when the Jefferson Davis Highway (US Route 1) bridge (over the Rappahannock River) was constructed, connecting Stafford County and the City of Fredericksburg.  Plans are now being developed to upgrade the intersection of Jefferson Davis Highway and Warrenton Road (US Route 17).


Currently, Falmouth is divided into four distinct areas by the existing major highway network.  Jefferson Davis Highway bisects Falmouth into western and eastern halves, and Warrenton Road bisects the western and eastern halves into northern and southern quadrants.  Through sensitive new infill development in the village center, protection of the existing natural surroundings of the village, and improved access to the river, Falmouth will become a key link in the Heritage Loop that looks to celebrate and conserve the County's natural resources and historic treasures.


Falmouth Village, established in the early 1700s, presents a unique opportunity to celebrate, redefine and improve a significant historic place in Stafford County.  As decisions are made related to future potential highway infrastructure, they must be done in a context that considers the future of Falmouth Village.  The vision for Falmouth proposes to build upon Falmouth's past, as well as its natural resources to attract heritage tourism.

View the Falmouth Village master redevelopment plan

Project Status

1st Quarter 2014 Update

  • The $25 million project to construct improvements to the intersection of US Route 1/US Route 17 Business/Butler Road held a public information meeting on March 10th to announce the start of construction activities.  The project is expected to be completed by theFall of 2015.  Click here for additional information.
  • The Board of Supervisors recently endoresed the Master Interpretive Plan for Falmouth.  The Plan was funded by VDOT as a mitigation measure for the intersection work noted above and, among other things, validates the recommendation for a pedestrian overlook of the Rappahannock River originally included in the Falmouth Redevelopment Plan.  Click here for additional information.