Stafford Technology & Research Center at Quantico

McQResearch parks have proven to be a strong source of job growth due to the collaboration among private companies, higher education, federal labs and nonprofit R & D institutions.

  • Research parks lead to the growth of existing companies, the creation of new companies and the commercialization of intellectual property.
  • More than 300,000 workers in North America work in a university research park.
  • The typical park has 750 employees. Every job in a research park generates an average of 2.57 jobs in the economy.
  • University research parks in North America encompass more than 47,000 acres and include 124 million square feet.
  • At full buildout, these research parks will include 275 million square feet of space.

Source: Characteristics and Trends in North American Research Parks: 21st Century Directions, prepared by Batelle and The Association of University Research Parks, 2007.