Since its publication in 1947, parents around the world have read Margaret Wise Brown’s “Goodnight Moon” as a bedtime story to their little ones.
Now this ritual is re-imagined as a delightful piece of musical theater. It’s seven oclock in the great green room. There’s a red balloon and a cow jumping over the moon. There are kittens and mittens and a talkative mouse. There’s a quiet old lady who’s whispering hush. The dish and the spoon, the bears with chairs, and Mr. Nobody are all there to entertain Bunny. H
e even loses a tooth! But its time to say goodnight. The Old Lady struggles to help Bunny fall asleep, but fire truck sirens and mooing cows keep him wide awake. Bunny refuses to sleep until he says goodnight to every object within earshot. In this great green room, Bunnys imagination runs wild.
The Old Lady almost gets her wish after reading the tale of The Runaway Bunny, but how can Bunny possibly fall asleep in a room where pictures come to life in a flourish of song and dance and the Tooth Fairy turns teeth into stars?