Cost of Doing Business

Stafford: The Quickest Route to Revenue

In Stafford, the path to profitability is direct and well-traveled: a low cost of doing business, coupled with a quality workforce and lifestyle, is the route to revenue. No compass needed. 

Low Taxes 

Boasting the lowest business costs in Northern Virginia, Stafford is a low tax environment: 

    • No gross receipts (BPOL tax) 
    • Aggressive property tax depreciation (detailed schedule)
    • Low property tax rate 

Attainable Acreage 

    • The most northern greenfield development near D.C., this undeveloped land is ideally situated for commercial growth. 

Affordable Leases 

    • Stafford County businesses enjoy a $5-$8 per square-foot savings in Class A office space over Northern Virginia localities. 
    • From world-class distribution clusters with key highway access to high volume retail and Class A office space, companies save without compromising. 

Skilled Regional Workforce 

    • Skills are high and the trades pipeline is steady. 

Business-Related Tax Rates 

    • Stafford has an aggressive business deprecation schedule designed to lower your effective tax rate on business property.
    • Business property is classed as equipment, furniture, and fixtures used in a business. Business property is assessed at a percentage of original cost using the following accelerated depreciation schedule:
      • 1st year – 35% 
      • 2nd year – 30% 
      • 3rd year – 25% 
      • 4th year – 20% 
      • 5th year and all subsequent years – 15% 

Machinery and Tools Tax Eliminated 

Refers to equipment used in manufacturing, mining, processing or reprocessing, radio or television broadcasting, cable television, dairy, dry cleaning or laundry business, and trucks used for hire that qualify as common carriers. Stafford County no longer imposes any taxes on machinery and tools used for the purposes defined above

Stafford County Commissioner of the Revenue 

For businesses locating to or expanding in Stafford, the business registration process can be found here, and tax code are detailed here

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