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Capitalizing on a prime locale midway up the East Coast, Stafford’s infrastructure is integrated and focused on future growth. A strategic interplay between state, federal, and local resources yields smart investments in roads, energy, rail, and fiber. As a result, the essentials for work and play are easily accessible.

  • Stafford County’s electric rates are among the lowest on the East Coast.  
  • As the home for the Virginia Smart Community Testbed, Downtown Stafford is 5G capable, and we seek to expand that around the entire county. 
  • The largest fiber line in the world runs through Stafford and we seek ways to build the trunk lines to your site.
  • Getting to the Northern Virginia area is easy from Stafford County.  Stafford has three VRE stops, and it will soon expand its daily schedule to and from D.C., including weekends.

Stafford also offers easy access to the Port of Virginia, including:

  • Newport News Marine Terminal (2 hours away)
  • Virginia Port Authority’s Hampton Roads Port (2 hours, 40 min away)
  • Norfolk International Terminals (2 hours, 40 min away)
  • Portsmouth Marine Terminal (2 hours, 30 min away)

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  • Access to multiple communications and networks
  • Major telecommunications provider supports Stafford businesses, including Verizon, AT&T, COMCAST, and Cox.
  • Excess capacity of dark fiber provided by SummitIG
  • New intercontinental highspeed cable network under construction that will plug into our fiber lines

Electric Service

  • Dominion Power, one of the nation’s largest producers and transporters of energy, serves most businesses.
  • Electric rates for Stafford business customers are below national averages; average service availability is 99.99%.
  • Service providers of North Stafford include Rappahannock Electric Cooperative and Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC).

Natural Gas

  • Columbia Gas of Virginia, one of nine energy distribution companies of NiSource, Inc. (NYSE: NI), serves Stafford business and residential customers. It is the third largest natural gas utility in Virginia.

Water Supply

  • Provided by Stafford Department of Utilities
  • An ample supply predominantly provided by three reservoirs, Lake Mooney (5 billion gallons), Abel Lake, and Smith Lake. Approximately 13.8 million gallons of safe yield daily.
  • Water treatment provided mainly at Smith Lake and Able Lake Water Treatment Facilities with over 593 miles of pipe ranging in diameter from 2 to 30 inches.
  • Two ground storage tanks, two stand pipes, and 10 elevated tanks store 15.8 million gallons.
  • The system has five primary and six standby pumping stations.

Wastewater Treatment

  • Provided by Stafford County Department of Utilities
  • Two facilities: Little Falls Run Water Treatment Facility and Aquia Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • Wastewater collection and transmission system spans 415 miles of gravity sewers, 88 pump stations, and 57 miles of associated sewer force mains.

Communications Infrastructure

Broadband & Telecommunications

  • State-of-the-art telecommunications, including broadband, mobile, and fiber optic, are available in most areas of Stafford.
  • Excess fiber optic capabilities
  • Providers include Verizon, Comcast, and Cox Communications
  • The Department of Economic Development facilitates requests for service from businesses with area providers.
  • 5G available to downtown Stafford as development continues



  • Interstate-95 bisects the county, north to south, with five interchanges at mile markers 148, 143, 140, 136, and 133.
  • US Route 1 provides additional north-south highway access, running parallel to I-95.
  • Nearly 600 miles of state-maintained roadways; 46 miles of primary roads; approximately 440 miles of secondary roads
  • US Route 17 cuts through southwest Stafford, providing access to I-66, I-81, and I-95.

 Trucking & Freight Lines

  • More than 30 short and long-haul trucking companies offer national, regional, and interstate carrier service. Several operate terminal facilities in Stafford, including Estes Express, Wilson Trucking, Southeastern Freight, Consolidated Freightways, and McLane Mid-Atlantic.
  • FedEX Trucking Center, DHL, and Amazon are located near Stafford Regional Airport.
  • Centreport Area is designed for and with easy access to I-95.


  • Three major airports within one hour, minimum: Washington Reagan, Dulles International, and Richmond International
  • Stafford Regional Airport, a state-of-the-art transportation hub adjacent to I-95, serves local and regional corporate, commercial, and recreational aircraft with its 5,000-ft. by 100-ft. runway.
    • Additional 1,000-ft of runway will be completed in 2022.

Rail Service

  • An initiative is underway to expand Amtrak and VRE service and separate freight and passenger rail service.
  • CSX and its subsidiaries serving the county will benefit from such improvements.
  • VRE provides weekday commuter service from Stafford’s three stations.
  • VRE services are expected to increase by 60% once the expansion is complete.
  • Amtrak passenger service is also available at nearby Fredericksburg and Quantico stations.
  • Virginia-supported Amtrack service is expected to double when the project is complete.

Deep Water Ports

  • Four deep water ports serve the county, including: Port of Richmond, Virginia Inland Port, Port of Virginia, and Port of Baltimore.

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