Balancing Risk and Reward

Success is hard-fought in a business landscape. Entrepreneurs constantly weigh risk against reward in pursuit of profitability. The process demands heart, head, and entrepreneurial supports along the way.

As an entrepreneurial hub, Stafford helps businesses mitigate risk and access the resources for success. From financing to mentoring, Stafford helps enterprises thrive and grow. It’s about helping foster and create that community or “ecosystem” to support entrepreneurs—and we strive to do that.

That Stafford Advantage fosters entrepreneurship. That Advantage includes programs and funds for workforce and Talent development, networking, and access to capital Whether companies select Stafford for its Smart Community capabilities, its RIoT Accelerator Program, or its qualified workforce, they benefit from a business-forward attitude.

Stafford’s entrepreneurship series drives growth:

Business Connection and Networking

Connects entrepreneurs with each other—and the state, local, and federal resources nurturing growth.

Technology Security and Innovation

From smart infrastructure to cybersecurity, Stafford is the home to game-changing technologies. Tap into the network—in more ways than one.

Diversity and Inclusion

A diverse and vibrant applicant and contractor pool enriches any business. Access resources for women, veteran, and minority-owned businesses.

Community Entrepreneurial Programs

Support doesn’t stop at the county line or just with our programs. This series explores the entrepreneurial ecosystem transforming the community, region, and state.

RIoT Accelerator Program

The Virginia RIoT Accelerator Program—or VA-RAP—will take up residence in the Smart Community Testbed. RIoT is a renowned, North Carolina-based non-profit that helps communities build vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems. From research commercialization to startup growth to corporate innovation projects, VA-RAP will increase the impact of traditional business development resources. The program will connect innovators with a consortium of more than 90 companies across the IoT technology stack. Whether entrepreneurs seek mentorship or support bringing products to market, VA-RAP is the way forward.

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