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Existing businesses: The core to Stafford

We recognize that our existing business community is the core to our local and regional economy. We are here to help our existing businesses expand. We are the customer service arm for your business in Stafford.

When you are ready to ask, “What’s next?” we will standby to help offer opportunities for your expansion. Whether you seek capital for growth, workforce training, or expert assistance to foreign markets, Stafford is here to help you succeed.

By connecting businesses with resources in real time, Stafford nurtures continued prosperity. Services include:

    • Facilitating an expansion project’s development review and permit process
    • Advocating within county government and assisting companies through regulatory approvals
    • Identifying “who’s who” in county government
    • Assisting with development financing or gap funding
    • Connecting businesses to the wide variety of federal and state programs to accelerate your business
    • Programs and events to network with business colleagues

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