Smart Stafford

Smart Stafford: No Ceilings, New Heights #SmartStafford

The Vision

Welcome to Smart Stafford: a community where innovation is boundless, and outliers are embraced. In this setting, smart technology is a total reimagining of the ways we work, live, and access resources. As the first Smart Community Testbed in the Commonwealth, Stafford will expand entrepreneurial spirit, improve access to education and essential services, create meaningful jobs, and improve people’s lives in powerful ways.

The Broadband

The expansion of broadband and direct fiber across the county is essential to an interconnected smart community. Stafford County and the Stafford EDA provided funds for the initial expansion of wireless broadband in areas not serviced before. Committed to building upon that success, the County and EDA foster the development of broadband countywide.  For more information about Broadband initiatives in Stafford, contact us.

The Technology Training

Stafford County offers technology training and the esteemed industry certification, the Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP). The CISSP certification and other trainings are offered at University of Mary Washington, Germanna Community College, and Cyber Bytes.

The Testbed

Stafford County, Virginia opened the Commonwealth’s first smart community in 2021, known as the Virginia Smart Community Testbed. A smart city or community looks to intellectually implement new technologies by leveraging information, core infrastructure elements, and technology that offers diverse economic opportunities to enhance the quality of life for its citizens, while also attracting entrepreneurs, businesses, and workers.

Access is the catalyst for Stafford’s Virginia Smart Community Testbed.

Access—to jobs in tech-based occupations, affordable energy, and expanded broadband—improves communities on a monumental scale. New ideas drive investment, opportunities, and economic growth, improving the ways we learn, work, and enjoy life.

The Virginia Smart Community Testbed in Stafford is a public-private launchpad for tech testing and entrepreneurship. This convenience store-turned-Tomorrowland is a place where ideas reign and investment flourishes.

The first in the nation built around an IoT platform, the Testbed integrates 5G and emerging technologies deployed in Smart Cities. The goals of the Testbed are ambitious, but fully achievable. This living lab of innovation will result in scalable solutions for home, work, and community services. Learn more about pilot projects completed, underway, or slated for the Testbed.

Stafford County welcomed the first Virginia Smart Community Testbed in May 2021.

The Accelerator

The Virginia RIoT Accelerator Program—or VA-RAP—will take up residence in the Smart Community Testbed. RIoT is a renowned, North Carolina-based non-profit that helps communities build vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems. From research commercialization to startup growth to corporate innovation projects, VA-RAP will increase the impact of traditional business development resources. The program will connect innovators with a consortium of more than 90 companies across the IoT technology stack. Whether entrepreneurs seek mentorship or support bringing products to market, VA-RAP is the way forward.  Seeking support for market-driven problems? Partner with RIoT today.

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Top Reasons

These are the top reasons to make the move to Stafford County.

Data Centers

Stafford boosts the connectivity—and the savings. Capatalizing on Virginia's existing assets, Stafford is a vibrant data district.

Cybersecurity and Technology

Virginia is a pacesetter in cybersecurity, courtesy of its proximity to federal government and its knack for talent development.

Destination Stafford

Destination Stafford is a multi-generational community development project, planned as a place to create a “community identity.”

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