Stafford, VA – Stafford County’s Board of Supervisors approved a proffer amendment and conditional use permit this week that could potentially add a much-needed outpatient health care facility to the courthouse area revitalization efforts at no cost to the County. The 108,000 square foot facility, being bid upon by CRAssociates, Inc. with the federal government, could serve up to 34,000 enrolled active duty military, families, retirees, wounded warriors and veterans that are exclusively enrolled at the facility.

“This facility is an ideal anchor to our vision for a revitalized courthouse area. There are more than $288.5 million of investments being made in this area for new government facilities, utilities and transportation as well as the establishment of a living, walking community for the area,” said Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Paul Milde. “This clinic is in character with our community which cares for our many members of the military and their families and will fill a great need for convenient medical services located in the county. We’ve worked hard to bring diverse businesses to our area and this will be a real win for our citizens if the bid is successful.”

The $288.5 million investment includes a new animal shelter that is almost complete, a future $70.4 million courthouse campus, improved sewer infrastructure, a $149.4 million relocation of the I-95 interchange and realignment of Courthouse Road, a $35.9 million widening of Courthouse Road and a $13.2 million new intersection at Courthouse Road and Route 1. Stafford is actively working to attract investment in diverse jobs, services and housing to establish a “hometown feel” for the area.

The health care facility is part of that investment and it will have a huge benefit for Stafford through revenues and jobs. An economic impact study estimates the facility will provide approximately 250 new jobs in the County with 80 additional jobs being generated due to indirect impacts of the facility. The annual economic impact from this facility is estimated to be $51.8 million plus additional revenues from those visiting restaurants and shopping while visiting Stafford.

CRAssociates bid on the federal contract for the facility and should find out if their bid was successful very soon. If CRAssociates is successful in their bid attempt, the federal contract requires the construction of the facility to be complete within ten months and for the facility to be operational within twelve months of the contract award. Stafford will continue to update the public on the progress of the efforts on its website,