When Krista Goelz and David Crawley went out for a date night several months back, it was to a spot near Camp Lejeune where they paid to throw axes at targets.

“I was seven months pregnant at the time, but it was still a great time,” said Goelz, who’s now relocating to Spotsylvania County with Crawley, her husband. “And I did just as well as some of the strong, solid Marines I was throwing next to. It’s about technique, not strength.”

Though it was just one evening out, the night stuck in their minds, especially when they started to consider what it would take to operate a similar ax-throwing facility here as a way to supplement their day jobs.

The result is an ax-throwing facility called Kick N Axe that the couple and Goelz’s ex-husband, Justin Soaper of Spotsylvania, are operating as partners in southern Stafford County in a specially outfitted warehouse at 24 Synan Road. MORE>>