The movie spoke to each of them in different ways.

Already Gone” — a new film that tells the story of two teenagers who hit the road to escape a bad situation in New York City — reminded Vernon Green Jr., a Virginia man who runs a charity mentoring at-risk kids, of his own childhood growing up in foster care with an abusive father. For Jim Klock, a former Virginia policeman who made it big as an actor and served as one of the film’s executive producers, it recalled interactions he had as a cop with children in the “project section of the D.C. area.”

And for Keanu Reeves, the other executive producer, it felt like “a story that’s true.”

“It’s children, in a hard environment, going out into the world and seeking themselves and escape,” Reeves told The Washington Post. “We can watch this movie, relate to it, hopefully learn from it and be entertained by it.” MORE>>