Stafford was honored to be the guest speaker at this month’s ACES (Architects, Contractors, Engineers & Surveyors) event. Held at the Fredericksburg Expo Center, John Holden, Director of Economic Development and Tourism, shared his visions for “What’s Next” in Stafford. John shared his passion for innovation and creativity and noted that ”the opportunity I have had since arriving in Stafford as a ‘come here’ has allowed me to look at things a bit different. It is important, not because I am special. Being “from away” (as they say in Maine), gives me no choice but to think outside the box because I wasn’t in the box.”  John highlighted recent developments and plans in the Centreport area, Downtown Stafford, and Quantico Corporate Center focused on e-commerce distribution, a new “smart city” urban center, and the “cross-roads of Cyber,” respectively.