Stafford, Virginia – On March 4, NX Aviation flight crews completed their contract with Sentient Vision of Melbourne, Australia. The final mission was conducted in Prince Edward, Canada with observations of the Ice Flows in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

In total, since August of last year, NX Aviation completed 67.7 hours of flying, covering an estimated 10,832 miles, and flying in diverse locations such as the Delmarva Peninsula, Florida Keys, Texan Gulf Coast, and the Gulf of St Lawrence in Canada.

Each of these missions collected information on different boats and floating vehicles that was fed into an Artificial Intelligence Algorithm designed to, eventually, be deployed in environments looking for lost and distressed boaters.

“The work with Sentient will have an impact across the globe and hopefully save many lives” NX Aviation President and Pilot Colin Fischer remarked. “Further, it allowed us to test and expand our ability to test these kinds of systems, and we are perfectly poised to continue this and similar work in the future”.

The overall program resulted in an estimated $120K of money pumped into the local economy between aircraft costs, fuel sales, and the hotel and food money spent locally by the Australian company.