Great ne
ws for Stafford County and Region!

The local airport is receiving a runway extension that will now give more corporate jets access, meeting the minimum runway requirement to land safely.
As a result, the extension will make Stafford more accessible to business, military, and recreational flyers.
The extension project has been in the pipeline for about seven years. Phase 1 work should begin in late October/early November.
A longer runway is in the flight plan at Stafford Regional Airport.

Airport Manager Edward Wallis said the facility has received a $5.77 million federal grant to begin the first phase of a runway extension project, which will increase the size of the current runway from 5,000 feet to 6,000 feet.

“Phase 1 is mainly environmental work to include sediment ponds, soil and erosion preparation and prevention, tree clearing, and some earth moving—about 350,000 cubic yards,” said Wallis. “For the most part, it’s mainly preparation for the major work.”… READ MORE >>