GCubed Awarded U.S. Army, Europe and Africa’s (USAREUR-AF) LiFi Procurement and Fielding Program

GCubed was recently awarded U.S. Army, Europe and Africa’s (USAREUR-AF) LiFi Procurement and Fielding program. USAREUR-AF is making a critical decision in deploying wireless optical technology versus continuing to push highly detectable R.F. systems. LiFi provides U.S. Army Europe readily available and compliant Free Space Optical Technology with DISA WLAN STIGs, building on the inherent physical security of containable light communications.   

Vernon Green Jr., GCubed CEO, says, “GCubed will continue to be at the forefront of emerging technology and integration with our warfighters. We believe this technology translates to stronger security and a highly mobile force that increases the survivability of our men and women in uniform. We want to provide the solutions that keep our warfighters safe.” 

LiFi is not vulnerable to eavesdropping through walls or tent canvas and is highly resistant to even close-range jamming attempts. LiFi is designed to counter insider threats; data transmitted is only available to the right people in the right place. LiFi is a mobile wireless technology that uses light rather than radio frequencies to transmit data. The technology is supporting U.S. Army Europe’s global enterprise driving the adoption of LiFi, the next generation of wireless that is ready for seamless integration into the 5G core.