Stafford County is proud to announce that we are the home of the Commonwealth’s Smart Community Testbed.

The Virginia Smart Community Testbed (Testbed) is coming to Stafford, Virginia in Spring of 2021! Located next to the Stafford Government Center at 2143 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Stafford, VA, the Testbed will be the home to developing smart technology for the Commonwealth.
Smart Technology developments include IoT platforms that will be fully integrated with 5G and other new and emerging technologies for Smart Cities around the country. Technologies developed in the Testbed will accelerate smart technology growth across the Commonwealth and Nation.

The Testbed is a “shared knowledge platform” to develop practical and relevant smart technology solutions. The Virginia Smart Community Testbed is a public-private partnership involving multiple industry partners who will focus on relevant and practical use cases and produce innovative solutions using emerging and smart technologies.

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Center for Innovative Technologies (CIT)

CIT accelerates next generation technologies and technology companies through commercialization, capital formation, and market development initiatives. The CIT Strategic Initiatives area focuses on defining and piloting emerging technology sectors that are important for economic growth in the Commonwealth.

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OSTgIobal (OST)

OSTglobal is a systems integrator that has delivered innovative technology, project management, and consulting and engineering services for more than 20 years. OST specializes in advanced technologies such as smart, cybersecurity, cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), predictive analytics, and data visualization.



As Stafford becomes a ‘Smart Community’, we are focused on improving the lives of our residents, businesses, and visitor experience. The Virginia Smart Community Testbed provides a living laboratory that will foster technologies for the use across our diverse community. It will unlock critical new resources and encourage business investments in Downtown Stafford.

Why Stafford…Why Not?

The Testbed is emerging in Stafford, primarily because of our strategic priority to develop a new Downtown Stafford. Downtown Stafford, as a new development, offers an opportunity to develop private and public spaces, facilities, and properties that are built from the “ground up” on Smart Technology. As part of Smart Stafford, the Testbed will foster new enterprises based on IoT technologies, the expansion of broadband across Stafford, and enhanced tools to continually improve public safety and our public services.


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