FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, October 4, 2021

MEDIA CONTACT: Courtney Swenson, Marketing Manager | (540) 658-5104


Stafford’s Economic Development Department Successfully Launches New Website

STAFFORD, VIRGINIA – The Stafford County Department of Economic Development and Tourism has launched a new version of the county’s economic development website, Users are invited to visit the website and take a tour of the new features.

The redesigned site is focused on communicating the benefits of locating or expanding businesses in Stafford County. In addition to providing data about the cost of doing business in Stafford, details about starting a business in the county and information about commercial real estate, the site also provides deep-dive data for specific key industries that can thrive in Stafford’s business environment.

“When businesses are considering an expansion or a relocation, or entrepreneurs are looking for a place to build their businesses, we want to make sure they understand all of the benefits Stafford County can offer,” said John Holden, Director of Economic Development and Tourism. “This new site gives us a tool to communicate those benefits and start a conversation with those companies.”

The site also has data about Stafford’s workforce and existing companies. Those elements are often key influences on business locations.

“Stafford’s workforce is highly educated, and we have the benefit of lots of veterans and people who work in government and military technology,” Holden said. “That already-in-place workforce is a huge resource for technology-driven companies.”

Among many new features and integrations, is an online events calendar intended to build a local and regional “ecosystem” for business opportunities. For the first time ever, businesses can share events on the economic development website that are focused on building business networks, contacts, learning about business practices, and opportunities for business growth.

“The new website offers critical changes and improvements for responsiveness, new content and messaging, and utilizes the latest design trends to further communicate why Stafford County is the place to do business,” stated Courtney Swenson, Marketing Manager for the department. “There are several ways users can stay involved and engaged: through our website, social media, our business newsletter, and monthly events,” offered Swenson.

The new site is available at