Apply now to support as the Technology Specialist with the Stafford County Economic Development Authority at the Virginia Smart Community Testbed.


The Stafford Economic Development Authority and Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC, formerly CIT) are seeking a contractor to serve as Technology Specialist for the Virginia Smart Community Testbed.

The Technology Specialist will help tech businesses and entrepreneurs pilot their products and services as part of the Testbed and associated entrepreneurial development programs. The Tech Specialist will be part of a team of persons, including the new Virginia RIoT Entrepreneur Accelerator Program.

Interested parties MUST submit a proposal. Proposals will be accepted until CONTRACTOR position is filled.
For more information about the position, review the Contract Request for Proposal

Technology Specialist Position:

  • Full-time, On-site in Stafford, VA (some travel as needed)
  • Contract Range $50,000-$70,000, depending on experience and qualifications.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Support and manage Pilot Projects in the Testbed
    Help Identify and integrate entrepreneurs into Pilot Projects with the RIoT VA-RAP lead
  • Develop, and maintain technology strategies and tactics for incoming technology entrepreneurs and businesses
  • Work with Executive Committee to align technology investments with strategy and direction
  • Responsible for the development, implementation, and enhancements for highly integrated information systems
  • Develop stable, repeatable processes to drive operational efficiency
  • Partners closely with other business leaders to drive Business/IT process improvements and organizational effectiveness
  • Collaborate with partners and community to drive and increase participation in Testbed pilot projects, and accelerator programs
  • Serve as a representative and ambassador of the Testbed with small businesses, entrepreneurial support organizations, corporates, higher education institutions, local government, and local businesses to work towards shared goals of the Testbed
  • Support in the organization, launch, and participation of a variety of programs and events with the objective of attracting new technology opportunities and partners
  • Coordinate and host on-site meetings for Executive Partners, staff, and visitors

Preferred Candidates Have:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience in Technology, Business, or related field; 3-5years’ experience in any combination of these
  • Experience in the development or deployment of data and IoT technologies
  • Technology and IoT technical competence are highly sought after
  • Ability to communicate verbally, one-on-one, and in group settings, the use of technologies inany number of business and public use applications
  • Ability to support community outreach and solicitation of new opportunities for the Testbed
  • Attention to detail and ability to multitask
  • Exceptional organization and efficiency skills
  • Ability to anticipate what needs to be completed ahead of time


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