Apply now to support the Stafford County Economic Development Authority Entrepreneurial Development Programs at the Virginia Smart Community Testbed.


The Stafford Economic Development Authority (EDA) is seeking a Technology Specialist contractor to support the operations of the Virginia Smart Community Testbed. As part of the EDA’s programming in entrepreneurial development, this includes a major initiative in technology-based entrepreneurship throughout the region.

The EDA secured grant funding from Go Virginia, Region 6, to implement a technology-based entrepreneurial development program in partnership with the Virginia Center for Innovative Technology (CIT). The Technology Specialist contractor will support this technology-based entrepreneurial development program through on-site support and management of the Virginia Smart Community Testbed.

The roles and responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate and maintain technology in the Testbed and serve as on-site support and “staff” for the Testbed.
  • Assist interested and identified technology entrepreneurs to pilot their products and coordinate how their innovations may be integrated into a pilot projects in the Testbed.
  • Support CIT in further establishing the Virginia Smart Community Testbed in Stafford by assisting with programs and projects in the Testbed.

For more information about the position, review the Contract Request for Proposal

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