STAFFORD, VIRGINIA – April 1, 2022 – Stafford based business Vitae Visual receives a $15,000 Micro-Loan from the Stafford County Economic Development Authority (EDA).

Vitae Visual creates documentary-style and entertainment video resumes that capture an applicant’s unique assets that are not visible on a traditional resume. The Vitae Visual team consists of experienced videographers, business leaders, and career coaches who develop video resumes that can be utilized for a job or college applications, apply for loans or attract business to business partnerships. In addition, Vitae Visual partners with colleges to provide exceptional value to students and marketing benefits to the college. Here is a sample of their work where the benefits are visualized.

“My words can’t begin to express my gratitude for the support I have received from Stafford County Economic Development Authority,” stated Shaunee Lynch, owner of Vitae Visual.

Vitae Visual will strategically utilize EDA funding to redesign their website and further promote their services through targeted marketing efforts. Vitae Visual will launch their new website and first social media campaign this Spring, and new product services will be launched every quarter thereafter.

Stafford County Department of Economic Development & Tourism and the EDA work together to elevate the profile and the prosperity of local businesses in Stafford. The EDA offers a variety of financing options for Stafford businesses.

“Our new micro-loan format provides small businesses an opportunity,” remarked Howard Owen, EDA Board Treasurer. “Our funds help meet an immediate need with flexible terms and time allowed for loan repayment.”

The EDA Micro-Loan Program was created to meet the immediate needs, growth, and expansion opportunities of Stafford-based small businesses. The program provides accessible and low-cost capital not typically offered through traditional lending institutions.

Pamela Yeung, Stafford County Board of Supervisors Vice Chairman stated, “The micro-loan offers purposeful support in the community, especially to create jobs and economic value.”

For more information about Vitae Visual and their business services, visit, and for more information on Stafford’s Economic Development Authority’s competitive financing and loan programs, visit

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