Welcome to Smart Stafford, where innovation is limitless and collaboration is the crux to all creativity. In Stafford County, Virginia, there is an exponential growth in opportunity in smart technology solutions that is making Stafford a leading hub for IoT, tech, and cyber companies.

Five reasons Stafford is the place for tech and cyber companies:

  1. Expansion of critical infrastructure like broadband and dark fiber
  2. A wide variety of technology training and at accredited universities and colleges
  3. Stafford is home to the Virginia Smart Community Testbed
  4. Low business costs
  5. Access to top talent

But why is Stafford a hub for smart technology and the cyber and tech industry?

The expansion of broadband and direct fiber across the county provides companies and work-from home talent instant access and speed of information to consumers or clients. With the proximity to the Metropolitan Area Exchange (MAE) East, the East Coast peering point that hosts 70% of the world’s daily internet traffic, Stafford keeps the fiber fast and businesses agile.

Virginia is a great place for innovation because of higher education opportunities and the production of 12,000 tech-degrees and certificates annually, being the top state for the tech talent pipeline, and is the #2 state for cyber security jobs (VEDP).

Regional education programs and opportunities like CISSP certifications at the University of Mary Washington, Germanna Community College, and Stafford Schools’ Cyber 4+ provides the “pipeline” of skilled workers needed to be successful in the ever-changing market.

Companies are attracted to Stafford as we are the home of the Virginia Smart Community Testbed, the Commonwealth’s hub for IoT and “smart” technology. Projects from the Testbed are producing the latest, cutting-edge technology solutions and are changing the way that people live and work in Virginia and across the globe. The Testbed is a hub for innovation and provides opportunities for tech and cyber companies to test their products in the field. The Testbed is also creating a home and place for a growing network of other tech entrepreneurs in the area.

Stafford leads with the lowest business costs in Northern Virginia. BPOL taxes, imposed in many localities, don’t exist in Stafford. Stafford has low property tax rates, affordable land, and is the best value in Northern Virginia Class A office space. The average square foot price for this type of space is on average $10 lower in Stafford compared to neighboring Northern Virginia counties. Stafford also has low merchant capital tax on logistics and distribution and aggressive property tax depreciation.

Stafford is a major player in Virginia because of the talent right in D.C.’s backyard. The concentration of talent in this area rivals Silicon Valley.  Stafford is the place to be when looking for tech and cyber talent.

Stafford is home to over 50 government cyber contracting firms and always has room for more. Our portfolio of resources continues to grow and create a setting where cyber and tech companies can thrive in the dynamic technology market.