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RIoT is excited to announce RAP XIII – the Fall 2022 cohort of the RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP). RAP XIII will take place at the Virginia Smart Community Testbed in Stafford, VA.

The RAP XIII cohort represents a variety of industries and backgrounds hailing from across Virginia, the United States, and internationally.

Stafford County Economic Development Authority brought this program to the region to support entrepreneurial development and programming.

The startups are working on technology solutions in IoT device development, cellular, senior care, app development, and medical technologies. Founders will leverage the diversity of the cohort to learn and grow together over the 12-week intensive program starting October 2022, culminating with a pitch event in January 2023 in the Stafford region. Learn more about the startups of RAP XIII below.


McLean, VA
CaughtUp is an app that helps busy young people create new experiences with friends that would not have existed. CaughtUp has developed an app where users can effortlessly schedule new activities with friends by seeing everyone’s availability, eliminating the back and forth messaging normally required to figure out people’s availability.

Edenic Energy
Virginia Beach, VA
Edenic Energy is a Energy Project Management software that helps building owners, construction teams, urban planners and government identify, design and maintain energy efficient improvements in commercial buildings. Edenic Energy is currently finishing the backend of the MVP/prototype. They have two pilot programs and are currently working on one. Edenic Energy is actively raising a Seed round to help with the software/hardware development and in the process of grant funding through VIPC and the Department of Energy.

Ashburn, Virginia
FITTED’s is making sizing easier through technology. The solution consists of two components – scanning a consumer’s body and a database of clothing sizes. The tool will scan the end-user and record their measurements and provide the user with their body measurements and then recommend outfits and articles of clothing by matching the end-user’s measurements to brands’ measurements in the database.


Sage Stream
Huntersville, NC
Sage Stream is a live-streaming platform that delivers daily educational/entertainment programs from high quality international experts. Sage Stream’s solution addresses two customers, each with distinct issues: social isolation experienced by seniors and staffing challenges of senior communities. Positioned as a sales/marketing tool, Sage Stream offers consistency of experience and alleviates staff burden, saves money for care facilities, and provides excellent experiences for residents.

Boreas Monitoring Solutions
Wilmington, NC
Boreas has created a patented weight based remote monitoring system for liquid nitrogen tanks that provides early warning by measuring the weight of the tank over time and alerts the user if the weight is decreasing at an unacceptable rate. Boreas is currently in the process of building out 35 beta units that will be placed in laboratories around the country including: Ovation Fertility, Brigham Women’s Hospital, Smithsonian-Center for Species Survival, and others.


Secure Process Intelligence
Fort Mill, SC
SPI has created a sourced piece of hardware (custom edge gateway), onto which SPI loads software and pre-configurations to work with the customer’s PLC or Controller and talks to the cloud via 4G cellular. An example use case is monitoring industrial water processes in buildings for pH, conductivity, bacteria levels, etc. This is currently done through a 3rd party system with periodic visits by trained personnel, typically on a service contract. SPI’s solution allows for a large percentage (up to 70%) of these service visits to be replaced through SPI’s remote monitoring.

Gliwice, Poland
SIMLAB is creating a single app for managing home IoT devices (washers, fridges, water heaters, etc). Home devices lack interoperability, with each device brand in a single home or property requiring its own, independent siloed application. The innovation will be commercially deployed by introducing it as a single application for all users, regardless of device brand(s). SIMLAB will create a digital twin of a home or facility where you can see it all virtually (like video game style) and control your smart devices (as well as log related records) in the tool.


Advanced Radio Mapping
Dublin, Ireland
ARM delivers key insights on how visitors interact with your physical spaces, helping customers maximize operational efficiencies and measure how visitors interact and behave in any physical space. ARM turns any physical space into a ‘smart location’ with in-built GDPR compliant sensors that require minimum installation hassle and unlimited expansion possibilities. Tracking the real movement of customers & visitors at events, in mall centers, showrooms, etc.

The RIoT Accelerator Program was funded in part by GO Virginia, an initiative administered by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) that strengthens and diversifies Virginia’s economy and fosters the creation of higher wage jobs in strategic industries. Partners include GO Virginia Region 6 Council, Stafford County EDA, King George County EDA, and City of Fredericksburg.


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