UVision announces the opening of its new production and training center in Virginia, USA

The opening of the facility signifies the company’s increased commitment to the US market

Media Contact: Jim Truxel
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Website: https://uvisionusa.com/

STAFORD, VIRGINIA – October 6, 2022 – UVision Air Ltd. – a global leader in aerial loitering munition systems of all sizes, for a variety of missions – has announced that the opening of its new facility in Virginia for the production of HERO systems has been brought forward, due to the high volume of orders already received. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony took place on October 6, at the new facility located at 600 Corporate Drive, Stafford VA, in the presence of Stafford County leadership, Industrial Partners, and various customers.

UVision USA Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UVision Air Ltd., is playing an integral role in UVision’s ongoing global expansion of operations. Signifying the company’s increased commitment to the US market, this initiative will create jobs in Virginia, making an important contribution to the American labor market. The opening of the 25,000 square-foot facility located at the Quantico Corporate Center will enable UVision to increase its local production capability, further improve its high-level, rapid response to US customers, and increase supply to international customers – either directly or through government-to-government initiatives.

Tinesha Allen, Stafford County Griffis-Widewater District Supervisor said, “Welcome UVision USA to Stafford County. We congratulate UVision Air Ltd on the expansion and opening of their US Headquarters, and new product and training facility located in Stafford County. We are proud to have this small, specialized business serving our US military combat operations. UVision is an asset to our growing, diverse technical economy. Thank you for your investment in Stafford.”

“Following the signing of our latest contract with a Latin American country and the growing demand for roving armament systems around the world, we decided to bring forward the opening of our new production plant in Virginia, USA,” says Major General (Ret.) Avi Mizrachi, CEO of UVision. “The opening of the factory will enable local production of the company’s systems, strengthening UVision’s overall commitment to the US Armed Services and the US economy, and creating new jobs for local residents. In addition, UVision USA will increase and strengthen our collaborations with academic institutions and local businesses, further supporting the plant’s activities.”


About the HERO series
The HERO series of systems provides high-precision strike capabilities, based on unique aerodynamic platform configurations.  UVision’s loitering munitions are designed with unique flight qualities for precision-attack munitions, integrating advanced airborne guidance and sophisticated navigation algorithms, integrated with C4I stations – thereby meeting the requirements of today’s modern battlefield challenges for combat in complex and dynamic environments.

The HERO series of loitering munitions are suitable for tactical and strategic targets ‒ whether for short, medium or long range – utilizing a variety of warheads to ensure maximum mission effectiveness. The units are operationally deployed and field proven. ISO certified, UVision is fully committed to providing turnkey solutions to its extensive network of partners and customers around the world, with high-quality service and swift support.

About UVision.
UVision designs and manufactures combat-proven smart loitering munition systems, providing military organizations around the globe with precise and effective operational attack capabilities. Its innovative, cost-effective systems are based on cutting-edge technology and 30 years of extensive field experience by military professionals, engineers, and the company’s own management team.

In early 2019, UVision Air Ltd. established UVision USA Corporation, which produces the HERO series of loitering munitions in the United States. For more information on UVisionUSA, please visit www.uvisionusa.com