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Empowering Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs to Grow and Succeed

STAFFORD, VA RIoT, a leading non-profit organization driving innovation and fostering entrepreneurial growth, is thrilled to announce the upcoming Summer Session of the RIoT Foundations Program. This comprehensive program is designed to empower small business owners, startup founders, and aspiring entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of their business journey. 

Participants of the RIoT Foundations Program will gain invaluable knowledge and skills in various areas essential to starting a business, including: 

Core Business Truths & Best Practices: Discover the fundamental ingredients necessary to operate a successful business and establish habits that will foster growth and sustainability. 

Lean Canvas: Learn how to deconstruct your business idea into its key assumptions using the Lean Canvas, a 1-page business plan template. This powerful tool, created by Ash Maurya, is optimized for Lean Startups and replaces elaborate business plans with a concise, actionable model. 

Validations: Master the art of engaging with customers or potential customers to ensure that you’re solving real problems with the right solutions. Learn effective strategies to continuously validate and refine your business concept. 

Operations 101: Develop essential skills in managing finances, building and leading a team, and nurturing customer relationships. Gain insights into the operational aspects crucial for business growth and success. 

This program is entirely free of charge. RIoT Foundations is dedicated to providing accessible and inclusive programming to foster the growth and success of businesses, thereby benefiting communities at large. 

All sessions will be held at the Virginia Smart Community Testbed located in Stafford, VA, or virtually for those unable to attend in person. 

Join the RIoT Foundations Program Summer Session to embark on a transformative journey of business growth and innovation. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to gain invaluable insights, mentorship, and support. 

To apply and learn more about the RIoT Foundations Program, please visit Interested individuals are encouraged to submit their applications before the deadline on May 26, 2023.

About RIoT:
RIoT is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to fostering innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. With a mission to drive economic growth and job creation, RIoT supports entrepreneurs, startups, and existing businesses by providing resources, mentorship, and access to a vibrant network of industry professionals. RIoT Foundation also hosts a range of events, workshops, and programs designed to accelerate the development and adoption of IoT technologies.