TJ Summerlin IV, Owner-Operator

STAFFORD, VA – In the heart of Stafford, Virginia, a Marine veteran named TJ Summerlin IV and his family have created an inspiring life of service and community building through their tech programs designed for budding youth tech enthusiasts and supporting educational resources for local senior citizens. From the battlefields of the Marine Corps to the bustling hub of entrepreneurship, their story is one that celebrates not only the spirit of a soldier but the power of family and community.

TJ Summerlin’s twenty years in the Marines honed his character, imbuing him with the skills and determination that would serve as the bedrock for his next chapter in life. In March 2019, with his military career behind him, TJ and his family embarked on a new mission, opening the doors to their very own tech repair shop, now known as uBreakiFix by Asurion.

Nestled at 364 Garrisonville Rd #123, this store became more than just a business; it became a hub of community support. While specializing in repairing cell phones, tablets, computers, and even those cherished vintage arcade machines, it offered something far more valuable – a chance to connect and serve. “We like to say we fix just about anything with a power button,” TJ proudly declares. And while their skilled technicians expertly mend cracked screens and replace batteries, they also provide essential tech support services, from PC tune-ups to virus removals and device cleanings. In their warm embrace, all brands and devices find solace – whether it’s an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy, a Google Pixel, or a trusty old Mac or PC.

TJ attributes much of his success as an entrepreneur to the unwavering leadership skills he cultivated in the Marines. He firmly believes that “the Marine Corps breeds leaders,” and this guiding principle has shaped uBreakiFix by Asurion into a community pillar.

But their journey doesn’t stop at business. TJ and his family have made it their mission to extend a helping hand to the very community that embraced them. Two remarkable programs are evidence of their unwavering dedication.

First, “The Future Fixers,” a heartwarming initiative, welcomes youngsters aged 12 to 17 to join in the repair process. Armed with their own kits, these budding tech enthusiasts visit uBreakiFix by Asurion on Saturday mornings before the store opens to the public. Here, they learn invaluable skills about tech repair, skills they can share with family and friends, helping troubleshoot common tech issues. This initiative isn’t just about fixing gadgets; it’s about nurturing the next generation of problem solvers.

The second program, still in development, is designed to support Stafford’s seniors, aged 60 and older. Following “The Future Fixers,” seniors will have the opportunity to seek free tech support. This is a lifeline for those struggling to navigate the digital age, from mastering their cell phones to safeguarding precious memories and protecting themselves from online scams. In TJ’s own words, “There is enough to be stressed about in this life without having to worry about your tech.” 

TJ’s commitment to his community is further exemplified by the Toys for Tots drop-off at the store, a tradition stemming from his Marine days, demonstrating a deep admiration for the charity’s mission.

From the battlefields to the frontlines of entrepreneurship, TJ Summerlin’s journey reflects the very essence of service, sacrifice, and the unwavering spirit of community. His story is a testament to the profound impact a veteran and their family can make, a tale that weaves together the threads of military service, entrepreneurial spirit, and community engagement. TJ Summerlin IV and his family have not just embraced their community; they’ve become an integral part of its heart and soul. For more information on uBreakiFix by Asurion services and their heartwarming community programs, visit or call 540-426-3332.