Stafford RIoT Partnership
Launching the Stafford Entrepreneurial Tech Ecosystem 

Stafford launched a new major initiative to encourage and develop entrepreneurship in Stafford and the greater Fredericksburg Region. We are partnering with RIoT, an international leader in entrepreneurial development. Our focus is on cyber and smart technologies deployed on the Internet of Things (IoT)—across all sectors of the economy. With your input, we hope to develop a robust, innovative “entrepreneurial ecosystem”. We encourage you to attend our events, share your ideas and perspectives, and engage in the development of our community!  #whatsnextstafford

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Join us now on Meetup as we work to enrich our regional business economy. 

Calling all innovators and entrepreneurs to join our friends at RIoT and the Virginia Meetup page! Join us to exchange ideas, learn new technologies, and create new opportunities.

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Entrepreneurial Tech Series

Attend the next Stafford Regional Entrepreneurial Technology Series: 
Smart Infrastructure featuring Military Bases, Security and Contracting 
Sept 24th, 3-4 pm, VIRTUAL EVENT 
In partnership with the Cyber Bytes Foundation and RIoT

Event Details

The Stafford Regional Entrepreneurial Technology Series is designed to engage business leaders, seek out opportunities for new investments, and foster talent development in the technology industry.

Smart Technology is a growing industry in the Stafford region. With this in mind, the next Entrepreneurial Technology Series event is focused on Smart Military Bases, the cybersecurity of these infrastructures, and development in defense contracting for the smart technology industry.

Join Stafford County Economic Development Authority and Department of Economic Development & Tourism in partnership with Cyber Bytes Foundation, and RIoT for a panelist discussion with industry leaders to direct your business and entrepreneurial ambitions into the future of Smart Technology, Cybersecurity, and Defense Contracting.

  • Darryl Haegley – Director, Mission Assurance & Cyber Deterrence, Department of Defense
  • Paul Gustavson – CTO, SimVentions
  • Jessica Chevreaux – Information Assurance Program Manager, M.C. Dean
  • Rachael Newberry – Program Director, RIoT
  • Bryson Bort – Co-Founder, ICS Village

Stafford County is a pro-business community with an ambitious intent to grow entrepreneurship in rising cyber and tech investments. We welcome anyone interested to join the conversation and future of Stafford’s technology culture.

Virtual Town Hall Event | July 30, 2020

July, 30th 2020

We began our journey, by hosting an Interactive Town Hall on July 30th. The goal of our Town Hall was to engage the Fredericksburg region in our initiative and solicit feedback on future programs for expanding business opportunities. The Town Hall featured local and outside business leaders in cyber and smart tech and include virtual break-out sessions designed to develop and program future events. Breakout sessions included:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Doing Business Post Covid-19
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Smart Cities
  • Business Innovation
  • IoT and Technology

View Townhall RecordingVirtual Town Hall Event Synopsis



In partnership with RIoT, our mission is to create an innovative and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem here in Stafford and our region. RIoT represents a network of technologists, engineers, business leaders, academics, policymakers, and entrepreneurs, all of whom have a stake in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry.

RIoT is a 501(c)(3) brought to you by the Wireless Research Center and its sponsors.

RIoT has grown significantly since starting as a Meetup group in 2014, and while RIoT continues to serve as a convener for the IoT community, RIoT also offers a startup accelerator, R&D lab, educational programs, and more.

All thanks to a GO Virginia Grant!
In March 2020, the GO Virginia Board awarded the Stafford County Economic Development Authority $75,000 in GO Virginia funding to assess the market demand for a Cyber and Smart Tech Entrepreneur program.

Our program launched in July of 2020 with our vision to include opportunities for entrepreneurs to participate in networking events, seminars and workshops, lunch-and-learns, and competitions. Events will be held across the Fredericksburg Region and will engage businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions.

The Stafford Department of Economic Development and Tourism paired these unique attributes and identified an internationally recognized nonprofit partner to launch this program, RIoT.

Other key partners of this program include King George County, the City of Fredericksburg, University of Mary Washington, Germanna Community College, Cyber Bytes Foundation, and many other private partners.

GO Virginia is a bipartisan, economic development initiative that provides project-based funds to encourage collaboration between private industry, higher education, and government partners to create higher paying jobs.