Stafford Cares is a county wide initiative that includes a number of new programs and projects fostering the well-being of Stafford citizens and businesses. These programs are designed to help many in need, as our community recovers from the impact of the Coronavirus. Stafford Cares projects will address a number of social and economic impacts from mental health, physical health, and financial stability in Stafford.


Stafford Cares: Supporting Restaurants and Families in Need

This project is funded by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) through a Community Development Block Grant and will be managed by Stafford County Economic Development & Tourism. Our department will lead the first Stafford Cares Program which directly supports restaurants and families in need who are adjusting and struggling with the economic impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Approximately 3,500 SNAP recipient families in Stafford County will be served by this program and receive meal cards to local restaurants. The minimum benefit to any SNAP recipient family is $150.

Stafford County will purchase meal cards or meal certificates from each participating restaurant. Depending on participation we will purchase approximately $7,400 worth of meal cards or certificates from each restaurant. The total number of participating restaurants will impact the number of meal cards or certificates purchased from an individual restaurant.

As of June 1, we have secured nearly all the eligible restaurants and their meal cards. In June and July Stafford County Department of Social Services will begin distribution of the cards to eligible families (confidentially). We hope to help those families in need with a meal or two or more from participating Stafford restaurants and, perhaps, help foster new longer-term customers for those establishments.

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