Infrastructure, Intellect and Innovation 

Stafford is the second fastest growing and exceptionally educated community in Virginia. Home to the Virginia Smart Community Testbed, we believe your business will find space, talent, and success in Smart Stafford. With easy access to the primary East Coast interstate, inexpensive power, high-speed fiber and growing 5G access, Stafford is the logical choice for international firms looking for a central location to serve the United State.

Stafford: An International gateway to the East Coast

Located halfway between Washington, D.C. and Richmond, Stafford links two metropolitan cities with sophisticated assets. Set on the upper reaches of the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers, Stafford County boasts raw beauty, recreation, and neighborhoods with a remarkable sense of place. Interstate 95 runs directly through Stafford. Stafford is home to Marine Corps Base Quantico, and an expanded regional airport. Stafford is rapidly becoming the Center of Cyber and “Smart” Technology, while at the same time the most valuable location for e-commerce distribution to service the

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John P. Holden

Director of Economic Development and Tourism

Josh Summits

Business Development Officer


Stafford’s population is 155,940 and on the rise. With a median age of 35, Talent is energetic and abundant. Over 30% of residents have college degrees, with 39% holding advanced degrees. Top public schools and higher education partnerships foster lifelong achievements.

Business Costs

The Stafford Advantage is compelling and integrated. Low real estate taxes, business taxes, and utilities keep companies focused on the future. Affordable leases and sites in industry clusters fuel collaboration.

Financing, Incentives, Programs

Stafford tailors financing, major incentives, and programs to encourage innovation. Strategic initiatives keep profitability and productivity on target, freeing up capital for continued growth.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Stafford is changing the game as it becomes the Center of Cyber. From entrepreneurial and workforce development to the launch of the first Smart Community Testbed in the Commonwealth, Stafford shapes tomorrows today.

Economic Development Authority

The Stafford EDA is an independent organization that fosters business growth through financing, programs, and incentives. Providing a high level of assistance to new and existing businesses, the EDA advances investment, stimulates the economy, and invigorates communities.

Quality of Life & Tourism

Life on nature’s doorstep inspires people to play just as hard as they work. From woodland paths to river playgrounds, Stafford offers 280-square-miles of leisure to residents and visitors.

Infrastructure & Accessibility

As a Smart Community, Stafford keeps energy costs sustainable and the fiber fast. In fact, the largest fiber line in the world runs through Stafford. Prime I-95 access puts 60% of the population within a day’s drive. Four major airports, four international shipping ports, and rail service keep revenues on track.

Expanding Businesses

Available land and workspace and serious capital help businesses get ahead. The Stafford Advantage starts here.

Target Industries


Low cost and connected offices for businesses

Cyber Security
& Technology

Real-time collaborations on next-gen advances

Data Centers

Staying on top of the cloud: the next place for data centers

& Distribution

World-class distribution cluster keeps profits moving

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